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        Trademarks Owned by ETS

        Registered and Nonregistered Trademarks and Product Names Owned by ETS

        Please Note: Except for nominal informational use as set forth in the Guidelines for the Informational Use of Trademarks by Third Parties, ETS trademarks and service marks are solely for use by Educational Testing Service (ETS), its subsidiaries and its licensees. Use of any ETS logos is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of ETS.

        Trademarks and Registration TrademarksDescription/Identifier
        c-rater Automated Scoring Engine
        CBAL® Learning and Assessment Tool
        CMD ETS Country Master Distributor logo
        CMD Logo
        CMD Relationship Designation
        CRITERION® Online Writing Evaluation Service
        CRITIQUE Writing Analysis Tools
        DXT Application
        e-rater® Automated Scoring Engine
        ETS logo – Modernized
        ETS Corporate Logo
        ETS logo – old ("Ladybug")
        ETS Logo – Historic
        Educational Testing Service®
        Educational Testing Service® in Katakana (Japan)
        エデユケイショナルテステイン グサービス
        Corporate brand
        EPA ETS Preferred Associate logo
        EPA Relationship Designation
        EPN ETS Preferred Network logo
        EPN Designation
        EXADEP® (in Mexico and Chile) Exam or Test
        EXADEP (in the United States) Exam or Test
        FACETS® (US) Engine
        GRADUATE RECORD EXAMINATIONS® General Test & Subject Tests
        考试 (GRE in Chinese)
        吉瑞 (GRE in Chinese)
        ジーアールイ (GRE in Katakana) (Japan)
        じーあーるいー (GRE in Hiragana) (Japan)
        ??? (GRE in Korean characters) (Korea)
        ?? ?? ?? (GRE® in Arabic) (Iraq)
        General Test & Subject Tests
        HEIghten® Outcomes Assessment
        HigherYield™ Search Service
        HiSET® High School Equivalency Test or Test
        HiSET ACADEMY® Online Interactive Website
        iBT® (Benelux) Test
        LANGUAGE MUSE® Web-based Application
        Listening. Learning. Leading.® Corporate Branding Tagline
        Measuring the Power of Learning®
        Midiendo el Poder del Aprendizaje
        Corporate Branding Tagline
        Corporate Branding Tagline
        m-rater Engine
        myResultsCentral® Online Student Portal
        PDQ Profile Series
        POWERPREP® Software
        POWERPREP PLUS® Software
        PPAT® Assessment
        PRAXIS® Program/Assessments
        THE PRAXIS SERIES® Assessments/Tests
        ProEthica® Program
        PROOFWRITER® Online Writing Tool
        PROPELL® Workshops
        RADS Research Technology App
        SCORELINK® Online Score Delivery service
        ScoreItNow! Online Writing Practice
        SCORESELECT® Service
        SIR II Student Instructional Report
        SLEP® Test
        SPEAK® Test
        SpeechRater? Automated Scoring service
        SuccessNavigator® Assessment
        TEFT Assessment
        TextEvaluator® Text analysis tool
        TFI (Worldwide)
        TFI® (Japan Only)
        TOEFL ACCELERATOR® Learning Solution
        托福 (TOEFL in Chinese characters)
        トフル (TOEFL in Katakana)
        とーふる (TOEFL in Hiragana)
        ?? (TOEFL in Korean)
        ???? (TOEFL® in Arabic) (Iraq)
        新托福 (NEW TOEFL in Chinese – simplified)
        Family of Products & Service/Test
        TOEFL GO!® App
        TOEFL iBT®
        托福网考 (TOEFL iBT in Chinese)
        新托福网考 (NEW TOEFL iBT in Chinese – simplified)
        ?????? (TOEFL iBT in Korean)
        トーフルアイビーティー (TOEFL iBT in Katakana)
        TOEFL ITP® Assessment Series
        TOEFL Journey® Program
        TOEFL Junior®
        初中托福 (TOEFL Junior in Chinese – simplified, registered in China)
        TPO® (Benelux & China)
        TPO (Worldwide)
        Practice Tests
        TOEFL Primary® Test
        托业 (TOEIC in Simplified Chinese in China)
        多益 (TOEIC in Traditional Chinese in Taiwan)
        トーイック (TOEIC in Katakana)
        とーいっく (TOEIC in Hiragana)
        ?? (TOEIC in Korean)
        ???? (TOEIC® in Arabic) (Iraq)
        Family of Products & Service/Tests
        TOEIC® Listening and Reading Test (the original TOEIC® Test)
        TOEIC® Speaking and Writing Tests (TOEIC® Speaking Test; TOEIC® Writing Test)
        TOEIC® Official Learning and Preparation Course
        TOEIC® Official Learning and Preparation Course
        TOEIC BRIDGE® (registered in most countries)
        トーイックブリッジ (TOEIC BRIDGE in Katakana)
        とーいっくぶりっじ (TOEIC BRIDGE in Hiragana)
        ????? (TOEIC BRIDGE in Korean)
        TOOLS FOR TOEIC® (in some countries) Test Preparation
        TOP (Test of Oral Proficiency) Test/Test of Oral Proficiency
        Assessment Portfolio
        TPK Assessment
        TWE® Test
        WINSIGHT® Assessments
        WorkFORCE® Assessments
        WRITING MENTOR® Online Writing Practice Tool

        Visit the College Board® website for information about College Board trademarks. No use of any College Board trademark is permitted without the express consent from the College Board. Requests can be made through


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